Mandarine Jelly Thing


Have you ever eaten Jello, I mean you must have, "There's always room for Jello" they used to say. Well if you love Jello then you might like this treat too. I only say the word “might” due to the fact that there's something really strange about this Mandarin Jelly. That being that it tastes, acts, and pretty much is exactly the same thing as Jello but it doesn't require any refrigeration. That scares me a little, not in the good way either, not that there is a good way to be afraid when it comes to eating slimy foods with bits of fruit at the bottom that’s been sitting on a store shelf for months.

This slimy treat went down pretty well, it was a little juicy and the juice left a wet sticky mess on my pant leg... I wasn't impressed. The texture wasn't bad, particularly if you don't mind Jello (see first paragraph). The flavour was really nice, I love mandarin oranges, particularly the ones in the can, and this treat hit that flavour right on the head. The nice little treat of an actual piece of mandarin orange in the middle (from a can I imagine) was also a nice touch.

If you've never eaten a jelly like treat like these before my one piece of advice is this, chew. It doesn’t melt in your mouth the same way that Jello does, and requires a bit more work to make it swallowable.