Ok Gummy Ice Cream

Big One Group

I think there are a few lessons that this gummy could teach other gummy companies about how to make their candy. Giant gummies are a fun idea, but in reality, they're difficult to eat. This gummy has solved this problem and made a sort of 3D puzzle gummy candy, where you have three pieces that make up a larger creation. The cone is two parts, and the ice cream is the third. This kind of creative thinking would allow most candy companies to do something fantastic with this treat, which is make the cone portions a different flavour than the ice cream part. This is where the lesson should end, since unfortunately, this was not the case with this gummy, all of the pieces were the same random fruit flavour.

I would call this flavour cherry, if I had to take a guess. Cherry isn't really a famous ice cream flavour, however it is depicted on the package, so I guess it's fair. I would have been really happy if the cone bits where vanilla and the top was cherry. They could have even gone further and made the top something like chocolate, although if they made the top part brown it would have looked like a large turd.

Texture wise there was a slight difference between the two cone bottom pieces and the top ice cream piece. I felt that the cone bits were a little softer, closer to a marshmallow, and the top was closer to your classic gummy texture. With these two different textures it made me wonder again, why they also didn't do different flavours for these two parts.

I don't really have any complaints about this gummy, it's fine. I like the fact that it's in bite sized pieces right off the bat, but I could have used some variation in the flavour.