O-Imo Choco


I'm going to start this review off by explaining what this treat is trying to emulate. I can't say that it’s a treat that I’ve ever tried, all I can tell you is what's been described to me. This candy is based on some kind of treat where trucks drive around Japan selling sweet potatoes, much like ice cream trucks drive around many western countries. This idea of eating sweet potatoes as a fun dessert is a little sketchy in my head, but I’d be willing to give it a try.

As far as how the folks at Meito have interpreted it is that they apparently add chocolate, some kind of white cream, and some of this famous sweet potato. I’m not sure if the sweet potato is real, or if it’s some kind of sweet paste that’s flavoured like sweet potato. I’m pretty sure the chocolate and cream are real. I’m not sure how this is going to work out, but I guess there's only one way to find out.

At first it took a bit to find the sweet potato center, a design that is badly illustrated on the package. It appears from the package that you’d be a mouth full of sweet potato in every bite. I'm going to dwell on the idea of sweet potato mixed into a chocolate a little while longer, only because it's so strange. I probably wouldn't even have tried this box of chocolates had the sweet potato aspect of it not been mentioned to me. So, after a little hunting I found the bit of sweet potato and bit right into it. To be honest, it really didn't taste like much, maybe a little sweeter than the super sweet cream, but it didn't stick out as anything that strange.

I guess the chocolate and cream were just a little too much. Maybe these two flavours were used to hide the flavour of the potato, but then what would be the point of making a sweet potato chocolate in the first place? It could also be that the sweet potato actually blends perfectly with the cream and chocolate. I’m kind of confused right now, but I want to learn more.