Oh Henry! "Very Vanilla!"


So here I am sitting at my window watching a building getting demolished, and decided why not enjoy an Oh Henry! bar. This Oh Henry! bar is a little different, it's vanilla. I’m not really sure how Hershey’s might incorporate such a variety. Will they change out one of the ingredients, or will they simply add a vanilla flavour to the classic Oh Henry! bar? Vanilla is a really powerful flavour, and how you use it can improve some treats, but ruin others. I’m interested in seeing if this variation holds up.

The first thing I noticed when I bit into this Oh Henry! variation is, where's the vanilla? If the only problem with this bar is that they didn’t add enough vanilla, that wouldn’t be great, but there’s something else going on here. Rather than add a strong enough vanilla flavour to the classic Oh Henry! bar, its like Hershey’s took away some of the caramel flavour instead. This bar is tastes more like an Oh Henry! light, instead of an Oh Henry! with vanilla.

Because of this odd lack of vanilla or caramel flavour, the peanuts became a little more prevalent, which changed this bar a lot. I can't say that I hate this version of the Oh Henry! bar, but if given the choice I'd just rather eat a regular Oh Henry! bar instead. It really seems like the addition of the vanilla messed with the balance of the bar way too much. Worse yet, it seemed to somehow take away anything remotely vanilla about this bar as well.

Now back to watching them dismantle a building.