Oh! Cool!

Rocky & Hopper

Sometimes a candy company will come up with a new idea that’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Sometimes it’s a good idea, sometimes it’s a bad idea, and sometimes this idea is hard to describe. Of the three idea possibilities, this would be hard to explain idea. The concept behind these gummies can’t really be described as good or bad, it’s more puzzling than anything else.

At first bite, these gummies come across as being regular gummies. If I had to compare them to other gummies, I would say that they taste a bit like wine gums. Then for no particular reason after chewing on these gummies for a few seconds they let's out a burst of cool, menthol. I don’t really understand why someone would want a cool flavour, and frankly the menthol flavor has to be one of the biggest mysteries I have ever come across in my entire candy eating life. The problem with the menthol is that it seemed to come from nowhere. There was no particular center or texture that released the cool feeling, it just suddenly filled my mouth with a cool sensation with no warning at all. Stranger still is that the menthol cool feeling took a while to get to me. One minute I was eating a nice wine gum like gummy, then all of a sudden, my mouth was cold.

Even though these did have a really strange menthol flavour, these gummies still didn't taste bad. I’d best describe them as fine, but just a little strange.