Nutty Chews


I'm an idiot, that's all I have to say about this review. I say this because I completely judged this treat before eating it and I completely judged it wrong. I bought it because I really liked saying the words "Nutty Chews" (go ahead and try saying for out loud for yourself, it’s fun). While I had fun saying the name several times at the store where I bought these, my complete idiocy is proven by the fact that I misinterpreted the name of a treat that's really not that complicated. I should probably explain.

I thought I was buying a chocolate bar, a chocolate bar that was just chocolate with peanuts in it. I can't say why or what my brain connected to this package to think this, but that's what I thought. I guess I didn't calculate the word "Chews" or I wasn't able to read "chocolatey chews loaded with peanuts" written in big letters under the name of this bar. As I said in the first sentence, I’m an idiot sometimes.

So basically, I opened this bar and was shocked to see that it was in fact several little bars. I guess that could be kind of shocking to most people, come to think of it. The idiot in me was truly shocked when I bit into this treat and found that it was in fact soft and chewy... I know, I’m an idiot. This Nutty Chew bar was filled with some kind of peanut filled caramel chew; how could I have not figured this out.

Fortunately for me these little peanut chews were actually pretty tasty. The chocolate coating wasn't so great, but the caramel chew and the peanuts really worked. I also think that without low quality chocolate this bar wouldn't have been as good. So, as a treat it was well rounded, and really the only thing that could be improved is the quality of the chocolate. Also, I think I should start reading the packages a little more closely, but that’s more a problem with me than with this candy.