Nut Milk


Simplicity of a milk chocolate bar can be a gift or it can be just plain simple. This Nut Milk bar is really a case of it being just simple, and I mean simple as in boring. Crushed nuts in milk chocolate can be great, I’ve had some amazing chocolate bars with these two elements. The problem is that this Nut Milk bar really isn't that spectacular.

I think the biggest problem with this bar is the quality of the ingredients. The chocolate was okay in quality fairly smooth and kind of tasty. The nuts were a little bit disappointing because I really didn't taste them unless I thought about it. The other problem with this bar could be how it was manufactured or designed. I don’t like to think about this, but it could have been that the mix of chocolate and peanuts on its own is just not enough to keep me interested.

I really can't get my finger on why this Nut Milk bar didn’t work; I just know that there is something lacking in the bar. When I ate this bar, I just didn’t have any fun, nothing excited me at all. That can be worse than having a candy that you hate, because candy should never be boring even if it’s simple.