Nude Chocolate


Sexy... no? I'm not really sure what Lotte has in mind when they use the words "nude chocolate" on the box. I think it's either a way of being playfully sexy, or a horrible mistranslation. The box art is kind of elegant, so maybe they're going for the sexy look, but I'm not totally sure. If they are going for the sexy look, I'm not really sure how cookie tubes filled with chocolate are sexy. Maybe if this was some kind of chocolate covered strawberry I could see a sexy angle, but I don't see it with these cookie tubes.

The tubes themselves are fairly average, as is the chocolate that fills them. I would say the best way to describe these cookie treats is to say they're a cross between Pocky and those tube cookies you often see around Christmas time. I think proportionally these do really well in both flavour and texture, the problem is that the flavour of both main components is really weak. If you had a nice buttery cookie and a high-quality milk chocolate these would be fantastic, but that's not the case. Instead you're left with a flavourless cookie and bland milk chocolate.

I think this could have work so well, I just think the flavour of each component is way too weak, and you're left with a fairly bland cookie treat. Sure, the box is setting you up for something sexy, but the results are pretty meh.