Milk Chocolate

No Name

This is probably one of the most boringly packaged chocolate bars I've ever reviewed on this site. For those who are not Canadian (or familiar with Canadian products), “No Name” is a generic product brand from a grocery store called Loblaws. Loblaws makes several brands of foods (candy and snacks included), some are even fairly fancy and high quality, while the No Name brand is its lowest. Because of the cheap price and simplicity of the product the package is often very boring, but also the price is often very low. This bar was almost half the price of comparable name brand chocolate bars.

Here's the weird thing about this bar, it's actually pretty good. I've sampled a few generic milk chocolate bars, and more often than not the quality is pretty low. I often go for generic bars if I'm cooking something where the chocolate isn't the star, or if I'm low on cash but craving some chocolate. The good news with this bar is that I feel like you don't have to settle for the worst. While I won't say that this bar is as good as something like a Fazer Blue or a Dairy Milk bar, it's still pretty good. I've eaten this milk chocolate bar on its own, and with some almond butter, and both times it satisfied very well.

This is just a milk chocolate bar, in a boring package, but it's a fairly good milk chocolate bar, much better than its package might suggest. I wouldn't tell anyone to seek out this bar, but if you're looking for some tasty chocolate at one of the most reasonable prices, this will work just fine.