Nips "Peanut"

Jack 'n Jill

I don’t want to flat out call this candy a rip off of any other candy. I’m not really sure who came up with the concept of taking a peanut, covering it in chocolate, and then coating it in a candy shell. I think we can all agree that M&Ms are the most famous of this variety of treat, but without doing a great deal of research I can’t say that M&Ms are the first. At this point there just seems to be so many versions of this treat that this concept is officially not the property of any one candy company.

The fact that there are so many companies making this kind of treat makes it a little hard to rate this particular treat on novelty, because frankly they’re not very creative, but it’s also a pretty popular type of candy. What score to give these when it comes to taste and texture is simple. These are going to rate fairly low in both of these areas. There were many problems with these Nips “Peanut”, and when comparing them to something like a peanut M&Ms, they don’t hold a candle.

Flavour wise the only thing that came through was the candy coating. The chocolate is very weak, and the peanuts were either flavourless or in a few occasions stale. Texture wise they didn’t fair much better. First of all, the peanuts were very small, and in this case size can matter. The chocolate was also really dry and crumbly, which lead to many broken pieces of candy shell and stray peanuts in the bottom of the bag. There also could have been a lot more chocolate, the layer was not only weak in flavour and texture, but there was barely any chocolate there.

These are not good; they lack just about every detail that makes up a good candy. I would normally not lower a score for the creativity of this treat if they had somehow done something great, but they didn’t. This candy felt lazy, and the only positive thing I can say about it is that the colours were fine, not great, just fine.