Ninja Business Man Mango Candies


I keep saying over and over again that I don’t buy candy because of the package, and I keep going out and seeing strange packages that just turn me on so much. I think I’ll have to change my policy on this, in fact I think I changed my policy about a year ago but I’m finally coming to terms with it. You can easily see how a package like this (with no English on it at all) would entice even the most sceptical of Candy Critics. Best of all it appears to have the promise of a juicy mango flavour as well, once one puts ninjas and mangos together, a good time will be had by all.

The good news is that this treat not only has the package entertainment value, but it delivers on the treat as well. The flavour is a nice slightly tart mango flavour. Not too sweet but not too sour either, just like mangos themselves. The treat also has a really unique texture to go with this great mango flavour. The outside shell is a pretty thick candy shell, similar to a jellybean only thicker. The centre which I expected to be gummy like was that, but a really chewy gummy. It was difficult to get my teeth through it on the first bite, but in a good way. The size of them is nice as well because you’re not left with a soar jaw after eating them, however if you had a few too many you might have that problem.

With a new policy for choosing my candy, like the candy in front of me, I look forward to future reviews with cool packages. Finally, I can start to judge a candy by its package and not feel guilty.