Mr. Goodbar


There has been a serious mystery surrounding this bar for me, and it's not what's in it. The bar is really simple it’s just chocolate with peanuts. The question is, why is it called "Goodbar"? Is it supposed to be some kind of reward, like if you're good you get one? I ask this because I've been a little bad lately, and here I am eating it with no consequences. Does this mean that I’m living on the edge, pushing people back, not following the rules, or am I just overthinking this whole thing? Maybe this bar is called “Goodbar” because it’s a good bar.

The Mr. Goodbar is really simple, it might even be the simplest bar that consists of more than just milk chocolate. That's why I went on about the name; I needed to fill space in this review. I can't really write much about the bar itself because of its simplicity. Chocolate and peanuts is all that you get in this bar, it’s not original or anything but it's pretty good. The chocolate could be a bit better quality, but I do like the chocolate to peanut ratio.

The balance of the Mr. Goodbar is nice, the chocolate is okay, and the peanuts are nice as well. This bar is just that - nice - not spectacular, not innovative, not surprising, it’s just nice. Some might even say that it’s “good”.