Mr. Big "Double Dunk"


Now I'm not a huge fan of the Mr. Big bar and to be honest I really don't know why (you can read my old review here). I like everything that goes into it, but I think its either too many ingredients or just a bad ratio of ingredients. This bar however seems to be a little better, or at the very least I’ve enjoyed it a bit more. This is rare considering the other Mr. Big is obviously the original. It’s not often that the different version of a classic treat turns out better than the original.

I think it might be the chocolate inside the wafer cookies. This would go well with my problem with the plain Mr. Big; the chocolate eliminates one of the already too many ingredients and it helps harmonize it all together. It’s as if this chocolate addition to the wafers brought some of the random ingredients together. This was one of the problems with the classic Mr. Big, and certainly a way that this new version has improved.

Having said that, this bar is not perfect either. The main problem for me had to do with the name; this Mr. Big “Double Dunk” wasn't actually double dunked. I was expecting twice the chocolate coating on this bar, as the name would suggest. Instead it just had the regular amount of chocolate on the outside, and instead had extra chocolate on the inside. This is double chocolate, but it’s not double dunked.

While this certainly isn’t a horrible treat, I really wouldn't recommend it unless you really like the Mr. Big bar.