Kinako Mochi Choco

Tiroi Choco

I shouldn't really be surprised that I'm not a big fan of these. After all, I don't normally like mochi. I've had mochi a few ways and liked it, but for the most part it's not something I would seek out as a treat. I also find that cheaper mochi candy is the worst kind of mochi. Some fancy mochi treats have something light and delicate about them, and I can often enjoy these kinds of mochi somewhat. Cheap mochi on the other hand is just a chewy, weird tasting mess in my opinion. This isn't made any better by the fact that the chocolate in this mochi is really cheap white chocolate that adds nothing to the flavour.

There is however one redeeming thing about the Kinako Mochi Choco, and it's in the texture. There's something about biting into these candies that's actually very satisfying. The relatively smooth chocolate and the very chewy mochi actually work well together, if you're just talking about texture. The chocolate melts a little bit when you bite down, and the mochi gives you a nice soft resistance in the middle. This leads me to an interesting conclusion.

I would like to try chocolate mochi. Not chocolate mochi in a cheaply mass-produced way, but a fine chocolate covered mochi. I would like this to be more than a thin coating of chocolate on a mochi ball too. I think it would work if it was treated like a Belgian truffle, with a well measured bit of mochi in the centre. It would probably be a good idea to use a dark or milk chocolate instead of a white chocolate as well. A fine quality mochi chocolate is what I crave, if any of you out there are making this, let me know.