I remember many years ago when the competition started, Mirage bar versus Aero bar. Objectively it’s hard to see why each one of these bars might work; I mean these bars are just chocolate and air. On paper it makes no sense, yet both of these bars are very popular and considered classic candy bars. So, I’ve decided to use this Mirage bar review as a personal look into why I think air and chocolate go so well together.

First off, the trick is to have decent quality chocolate. A high-quality chocolate is the most important ingredient in this mix, if its cheap chocolate, bubbly chocolate just doesn’t seem to work. In the past I tried a cheaply made bubble chocolate bar, and the bubbles just crumbled and the entire bar was a mess. High quality chocolate that melts easily makes this kind of bar work. Crumbling chocolate can also be a problem if your bubbly bar is a little old.

So, here’s my theory on the bubbles in chocolate, I think it allows the chocolate to remain as thin as possible therefore allowing the chocolate to melt faster giving the illusion that the bar is melting faster. This is what makes these treats melt in your mouth so well, but this is just a theory, I’m no scientist.

The reason I can explain this theory, and tell you how bubble bars work well is because the "Mirage" is a great bar with bubbles. This is a high-quality chocolate, with great sized bubbles, that tastes great and melts in your mouth perfectly. It may not be as heavy as it looks because of all the air, but it melts really well!