Mint Candy Cane


Here’s the thing about candy canes. They are probably the most popular candy during the holiday seasons. No ones really sure where they came from, however there are a few theories out there. Esthetically they’re very good looking candies, and they work really well during the Christmas season as they can be hung from tree branches and garland. They’re easy to colour, so they’re also a great looking decoration. You might think that the candy cane is the perfect holiday candy, but there’s a few problems with them as well.

The main problem with the candy cane is also the thing that makes them perfect for hanging on things, and that’s the shape. There are two challenges to eating a candy cane (these are made more difficult if you actually try to suck the candy cane instead of crunching it), the first problem you’ll encounter is the fact that they can get really pointy. After only a few minutes of sucking on the long end of a candy cane, you often have a really sharp point on the end. This can make eating the candy cane very challenging and even painful. Once you get beyond the long end of the cane, the hook is even more challenging to suck on, unless you break it apart. This is really not an easy candy to enjoy, and I think it’s the biggest reason why my Christmas tree always has lots of extra candy canes at the end of the year.

The other thing about these candy canes (and most candy canes for that matter) is the boring flavour. These candy canes are your standard mint flavour, and that’s fine if you’re just sucking on a small hard candy. I just find that the mint flavour from a candy cane gets old pretty quickly, and about halfway through the candy cane you’re regretting having started it. It’s not a bad flavour really, it just gets boring pretty quickly.

I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t really like eating candy canes that much. I like to use candy cane bits in my baking, and I even enjoy some candy cane flavoured treats. I guess I just find the act of actually eating candy canes like these ones to be way more effort than it’s worth.

Suck Time: About 15 min