Mini Churros "Original"


I’m not an expert in the field of churros, but I’m going to try and compare these as best I can to the regular large size churros you find in many fair grounds and theme parks. I think I can say that I’ve only eaten about 10 or 20 churros in my entire life. They’re not really a hugely popular food in the places I’ve lived. I’ve probably eaten most of my churros in Disney parks, several of them in Asia. That’s all to say that I’m not really sure what a “real” churro is supposed to be like, or what make a great churro. From what I know, the classic churro is a deep-fried tube of dough that’s crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. The most common flavour used in a churro is cinnamon and sugar, but that’s only from my own experience.

To compare these to what I know about churros, I can say that flavour wise they’re spot on. These have a very nice sugar and cinnamon flavour that works well with the dough. The balance of sweet and cinnamon is very good, and they seem to merge together into a perfect flavour. Texture wise I don’t feel like they achieved the churro consistency. These feel like they’ve been deep fried, but they’re really crunchy. There’s absolutely no soft give at all with these Mini Churros. This didn’t make them bad, but I would have preferred a little texture consistency.

The fact that they kind of looked like little churros was nice. They even had the hallow centre you often find with classic churros. As a packaged snack I would call these a success. I’m sure churro purists would find faults with either my description of a churro or this treat. I think if given the choice I’d rather have a real churro, but since I don’t have any access to them right now, these will do.