Milky Way "Midnight"


As I've said before when I reviewed the regular Milky Way bar, something in this bar's texture just isn't right. I think it might be a little too soft and squish. It just feels like it wants to have a crunch, but doesn't. The bar has many elements to it, and these elements are fine, but there’s just a feeling of lacking every time I bite into a Milky Way, like they forgot to add something. But I've mentioned that before in my other review (here), so I should move on.

What's the difference in this “Midnight” version of the Milky Way? Well, dark chocolate... I’m not sure if that’s obvious in the name, but it is an interesting addition. As far as variations go it's really common to change milk chocolate for dark chocolate. I can't tell you how many "dark bars" variations there are out there in the candy world. Sometimes this variation works and some doesn’t, in this case however, it's kind of nice.

There's a certain sharp flavour that comes across when you bite into it that you don’t get with the regular Milky Way. It takes down the sweetness of the nougat and caramel but not so much to make it uncomfortable. It also leaves an interesting feeling on the tongue from the bitterness of the chocolate. This combination of dark chocolate with the fillings of a Milky Way is nothing sickly sweet, with just a nice little bitter flavour. I guess if you like super sweet treats it may not be your thing, but if you want something a little bitter but not too sharp, give this a try.