Mike and Ike "Orange 'n Cream"

Just Born

Why?... That's all I ask. Why would any company with such great candies (regular Mike and Ike's are amazing) want to change their treat with a flavor like this? I just don’t understand how Just Born, with their history of making great fruit flavoured candies, could get a simple flavour like this so wrong. This is a candy company that’s been making fruity candies since the 1940’s, they should know what they’re doing.

It wasn’t all bad, the orange is fine. It’s a fine enough flavour of orange that they could easily add it to their already great candy selection. My problem comes with the cream flavour of these Mike and Ikes. The cream is just too over powering. It’s not just that it’s overpowering either, the cream doesn't taste like any cream I would drink and the aftertaste is horrible. Considering there are only two flavours in this variety of Mike and Ikes, it’s very important that both are on point. This just isn’t the case with these, both the ratio and the quality of the cream flavour is just totally off.

Make your life simple, stick to the regular Mike and Ike's, they may be simple, but they deliver a fine flavour.