Mike and Ike "Tropical Typhoon"

Just Born

I think that "typhoon" is the best word you could use to describe this variety of Mike and Ikes. When I opened the candy and tried to figure out which flavour was which, it was seriously mixed up and all over the place, just like a tropical typhoon. Of all the 5 flavours available in this package, only one flavour is a stand alone fruit. All of the other flavours are combinations of popular tropical fruit.

The colours of these candies won’t help you at all either. Just by looking at these I had no idea which flavour was which colour. In some ways this could be fun, a surprise at every bite, but I was actually a little frustrated. Then, after eating them, I still had a really hard time figuring out which candy was which flavour. There was only one that I tasted that I could, without a doubt know which flavour it was representing, and that was the banana/kiwi. All the other flavours tasted fine, but really didn't represent the fruits very well at all.

But that one combination that I could guess, the green kiwi/banana Mike and Ike was really interesting to me. For the most part I don't like banana candies, I love bananas, but banana candies don't really work for me. This one however was surprisingly tasty. It seems that whatever I don't like about banana candy is crossed out when it's mixed with a kiwi flavour. I could still taste the banana flavour, but it wasn't that unpleasant at all.

I think the name of this treat should have been "Tropical Confusion" instead of "Tropical Typhoon". Each one of these Mike and Ikes tasted fine, but I had a really hard time making out particular flavours. For the most part they all just tasted like slight variations of fruit punch, except for the Kiwi/Banana.