Marble Chocolate


If you're familiar with M&Ms then you have a pretty good idea what these little chocolate treats are like. If you're familiar with chocolate Smarties (mostly sold in the UK and Canada) then you have an even better idea as to what these treats are like. If you've tried both and figure that they're the same thing and what I just wrote makes no sense at all, then I'd like to have a word with you privately.

The nice thing about these is that although they're fairly similar to Smarties they have a few different colours. I know that really makes no difference to taste, or even to how most people might eat them, but rather than just re-write my Smarties review I thought I'd point out the difference to get the ball rolling. After all some chef’s claim that you eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth, so this must account for something.

The chocolate quality of these is the same as Smarties, fortunately that quality is pretty great. The candy shell is nice and thin so it doesn't affect the chocolate too much, but thick enough to keep them from breaking apart to the touch. I do like these a lot, if you've never had Smarties and you manage to find a box of these try them out. If you like M&M’s I also recommending trying them too, so you can see why the UK and Canada love Smarties so much.