If I could have my way, I would give this treat two separate reviews. I'd do this because since eating my first Almond till this very moment, I've been trying to decide if I liked these or not and I'm completely split down the middle. If you look at the final numbers of this review, you'll find that I did like them. However, there is one thing about them that really just doesn't sit well with me, and that can clearly be seen in the Novelty score.

My problem with these pretty much comes out right in the description. They're chocolate Almonds, for those that aren't sure what I mean, and that would be surprising since you’re reading a website all about candy, these are almonds covered in chocolate. Now if you could change the way chocolate almonds are presented, I'd probably give you a really high score for novelty, but since these are just simple basic chocolate covered almonds I really couldn't.

Now here's where the conflict comes in, these chocolate almonds are pretty tasty. The chocolate is a nice quality (not the best I've ever had but not nearly the worst either), the almonds are a good size, the ratio or chocolate to almond is fine, and the almond is nice and fresh (not stale at all). It's a pretty tasty treat and I'd recommend it to almost anyone, it's just that it's not that creative.

Maybe I'm a little biased when it comes to Asian treats because it's a market filled with creative treats. I was probably hoping for something really strange and new and all I got was a tasty box of chocolate almonds.