Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations "Cookie Nut Crunch"


This is the second Dairy Milk Marvellous Creation that I've sampled, and once again I'm very happy with the result. I will say that this particular "Creation" is a lot more subtle than the other one I tried before. All of the ingredients in this one are things you might find in other common chocolate bars, unlike the other Marvellous Creation bar I tried in the past that contained jelly, popping candy & beanies. The thing that still makes this bar unique from other chocolate bars is this Marvellous Creation combines many classic ingredients nuts, toffee, and cookies, which you may not find in one bar.

The key to this bar working is in the way the ingredients are distributed. I could see many candy makers taking this idea and not worrying about the distribution and proportion of ingredients. Cadbury on the other hand isn't an average candy company, and they mange any problems that could have come up. First of all, the chocolate is the star of this treat, it's high quality, and there's plenty to have. This bar isn't so crowded with ingredients that you can't taste the chocolate. Instead a great cast of fun ingredients supports the chocolate.

The ingredients are all good sized pieces as well, the toffee isn't too big, and the cookies aren't too small. If the size of the any ingredient isn't just right it can ruin the texture of the bar. You most certainly don't want everything to be the same size; you want them appropriate to their taste and texture. The distribution is a little strange, but I think it works. You don't necessarily get a bite of everything in each square. One bite might have more, or none of any ingredient, but it still seems to work.

While this Marvellous Creation isn't delivering anything innovative as far as ingredient choices, it does deliver on the quality and the way it uses these ingredients.