Mars Bar "Caramel"


This is a really interesting twist on the classic Mars bar. Most of the time when I eat a "new" candy bar that is in fact just a variation on an old one, they add something to it like orange flavour, different nuts, or a new kind of chocolate. This time the folks at Mars decided to take something out of their classic bar instead. That's kind of clever idea in my opinion, and pretty daring as well. The true question is does it work?

I have to be honest and say that I'm not really a big fan of this variation. The caramel really didn't cut it at all and I truly missed the nougat. The flavour of the caramel was so weak that it the chocolate totally overpowered it. The texture it pretty much just like a regular Mars bar as well, which was a little strange. As in regular Mars bars, the texture is just lacking something, since the caramel was chewy like the nougat that’s normally there, it still felt like it need something crunchy to balance it out, like nuts or something.

I think I may have been really hopping to bite into this treat and have a bar filled with Caramilk style caramel but instead I just got super chewy flavourless goo. It’s weird because it’s very different than a regular Mars bar, yet very similar as well.