Pods "With Mars"


It's always a challenge to write a review for a treat that objectively tastes great, yet it disappoints. It disappoints because it's not what I expected. I also think, objectively, it's not really what it describes itself as on the package. The disappointment comes from the "with Mars" addition. Mars bars are classic candy bar with a layer of chocolate, light whipped nougat, and a good amount of soft caramel. It's a classic bar that works because of how well the ingredients are portioned. One would then assume that these Pods would take the essence of the Mars bar, and give it a twist. The only twist would be that these Pods have absolutely no similarities to Mars bars whatsoever.

What you get with these Pods is a crunchy cookie bowl, filled with chocolate, and the chocolate is filled with a small amount of caramel in the centre. There's no nougat, at all. It says on the package that the caramel is Mars caramel, but that's pretty weak if you ask me. Worst of all is that the caramel is almost non-existent; it's by no means the star of the show. Putting the word "Mars" on the front is gimmick, not any indication of what you might be getting.

The challenge with writing this review is that the snack itself is pretty good. The chocolate is very smooth and there's lots of it. The cookie bowls are crunchy and tasty. The caramel is pretty good, although it could have been a little stronger, or more abundant. As a treat these Pods are really good. I'd buy them again, and recommend them to anybody.

So, what can I say, these Pods are well worth your time, and highly recommended, unless you're looking to get your Mars bar fix, because there's nothing Mars Bar about them at all.