Mochi Cream "Mochi Mochi Mochi Cream Uji-Kintoki"

Japanese Sweets Deli

Let it be known, I'm not a big fan of mochi, macha (finely chopped Japanese green tea), and anko (red bean paste). It's not that I hate any of these things, I've just had very few versions of these flavours that I love. I've also had a few versions of each of these flavours that I absolutely hated too. I find the problem with all three of these flavours is proportions, each is a very unique flavour that requires the perfect balance for my western taste buds. You can imagine that the idea of eating mochi covered in macha with anko filling was intimidating, after all, how could they get the proportions right if all you have is things I'm worried about eating in the first place.

Here's the strange thing, this kind of worked. It could be that I was expecting one of the worst treats I've ever eaten in my entire life, so my brain was just expecting the worst. However, I like to think that after the first one, I was able to examine this treat from a neutral standpoint. The texture was chewy, just like mochi. There was a slight bitter flavour, from the macha, but the bitterness was balanced with a nice sweet flavour, probably from the anko. Basically, all of the things I dislike about these treats, were balanced out from the opposing flavours.

This treat was a big surprise, the strange vacant flavour of mochi was filled with the flavours of macha and anko together. The bitterness of the macha was turned around with the slightly sweet flavour of the anko. The anko texture that I sometimes dislike was completely covered by the texture of the mochi. I'm not saying that this was my favorite snack ever, but considering it's made up of treats that often disappoint me, it's pretty good.