Kocochi "Matcha"


There are certain mysteries that go on in the candy world that I just can't figure out, this gum presents just one of those mysteries. Why does gum that comes in sticks have to have some kind of mint or menthol flavour. One of the only exceptions to that rule is Stripes Gum, but on just about any other occasion there is a tie between sticks of gum and a menthol flavour. This is a great example of that happening, and of it not working at all.

That's not to say that the menthol flavour is the only thing that ruins this gum. I can't imagine green matcha tea making a great flavour of gum on its own either. I'm not a huge fan of anything with a strong matcha flavour as it is. In small doses or used with other flavours it can work, but on its own it's not often very good. I should be clear, there's a difference between most green tea flavoured candies and matcha flavoured candies. Matcha as a tea is much more bitter than regular green teas, so when I refer to something as being matcha flavoured, I'm talking about that super strong bitter green tea flavour.

The idea of chewing matcha tea for a long period of time sounds awful, add in a random menthol flavour and it's awful and confusing at the same time. I'm told that macha is a flavour that can grow on you, but chewing matcha gum doesn’t seem like a great way to do this.

Chew Time: 30 min