Puchi Mikkuchu Minchu


Sometimes I wish I had some magical way to describe something that really isn’t much at all. I need some way of describing a treat that’s really boring. Sometimes I wonder if maybe certain kinds of treats are really interesting and unique, but maybe I’m too much of a candy snob to see the wonder and fun anymore. Am I losing touch with the common candy fan when it comes to writing about candy? Can I not find any joy in a simple candy?

These little candy dots are what bring me to this candy problem that I’m having. These Puchi Mikkuchu Minchu are a little container filled with tiny candy dots that all taste the same. The flavour is best described as a very slight sour flavoured fruit, but no particularly fruit. The texture is hard, but chewable. You can bite into these and not break a tooth. The colours various, there’s nothing brighter or more fantastic about any of the colours, but there is a variety. These don’t taste bad at all, in fact they’re pretty good, it’s just that there’s nothing really that special about them.

The only unique thing I can find about this candy is that the purple top does become a whistle when you blow it. I’m not really sure why that would be fun or useful while eating a candy, but I guess that makes me an old man.

These Puchi Mikkuchu Minchu treats have truly baffled me. I want to say nice things about them, but really all I can say is they’re like Nerds only without the cool gloppy shapes or the intense flavour.