Le Chocolat "Milk & White Chocolate with Strawberries"

Shoppers Drug Mart

For those of you out of the know Shoppers Drug Mart is a huge chain of drug stores here in Canada. What Shoppers Drug Mart decided to do for Christmas time this year was release a line of "fine" Belgian chocolates. The cool thing about them is that there are a few really interesting combinations available. This one for example is pretty fun with a split white and milk chocolate bar covered in freeze dried strawberries. It’s always interesting to see neat flavoured chocolate bars, although I’m worried that it’s been created by a store known for selling drugs and not food.

The problem with these treats is that the chocolate really sucks. I've eaten chocolates in Belgium before and other than their cheap bargain store stuff, this doesn't even hold a candle. It was waxy and really, really hard. The flavour was weak at best; even the white chocolate didn't have any flavour to it. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised considering where I bought it, but I was hopeful.

On top of all that (literally) the freeze-dried strawberries tasted like strawberry astronaut ice cream. Sure, as a novelty it's pretty cool to look at but something has to be done about the flavour. I'm pretty disappointed and I hope if they want this line to survive they put in a little more effort.