Lay's "Chalet Sauce"


If you were to ask me what most Canadian flavour ever of potato chips was, these would certainly be in the running. Poutine and dill pickle would also be a part of this list. I'm sure any Quebec friends out there might disagree with this idea, and would argue that St Hubert gravy is much more Canadian than Chalet Sauce, or at the very least that St Hubert gravy is better. I don't know if I agree, but I'm also willing to sample St Hubert gravy flavoured potato chips, and I welcome the competition.

My biggest complaint about these chips is simple, it's about time. Why is this just a thing now, why has it taken these many years for Swiss Chalet to get on the crazy chip flavours bandwagon. This is a flavour that works so well, and it's so obvious. My favorite thing to do is dip my French fries into my Chalet Sauce, so potato chips and Chalet Sauce are an obvious combination. The flavour also works well as a seasoning, they offer dry packages of Chalet Sauce at grocery stores, and now I’ve learned that you can use it for so much more than just adding water and turning it into a dipping sauce.

Flavour wise these just work really well. You even get the slight acidic and spicy aftertaste that comes with real Chalet Sauce. I've heard that the plan was to make these a limit time item, I sure hope that's not the case. These would make a great fixture on Canadian store shelves, and would make for a great way to share the flavour that many of us Canadians love (since they're easily transportable) all over the world.

Now all we need is Tim Horton's flavoured chips and we're good.