KurKure "Masala Munch"


There are a lot people out there who don't like cheezies. Some don't like the puffed corn centre; others don't like the bright orange cheese powder. Many think of cheezies as a low quality treat, and some might even call them the least fancy snack food in the world. I think these KurKure snacks might change some minds on this subject.

If you're not interested in puffed corn snacks, you're likely still going to have a hard time with these. I will say that the puffed corn is a lot denser than most puffed treats, and I think that makes these KurKure better. If it's the bright orange cheese that turned you off corn puff snacks in the past, then you might really enjoy these as well. Instead of the fake cheese you commonly get in most cheese puff snacks, these are a really nice blend of classic Indian spices. Just like classic Indian spices, you're hit with strong flavours, followed up with a pretty powerful heat that creeps up the back of your throat. The other good feature of this spice coating is that it’s not going to turn your hands bright orange.

While the flavour and texture of KurKure was pretty spot on, the heat was a bit much for me. If you can handle heat, you'll likely be fine eating a bag of these without breaking out into a sweat. Puffed corn treats are usually not in the higher echelon of salty snacks, but these might at least be somewhere in the middle, and that’s a great first step up.