Koala "Milk Cream Filled"


I get the feeling that if I had been able to read the package when I bought this I may have chosen differently. Just for some reason "Milk Cream Filled" Koala's isn't as appealing as the cute little drawing on the box. Well either way I bought them now I’ll eat them.

This treat is as many Asian treats are, cute. There are little pictures of Koalas in all kinds of strange situation on each cookie, makes me feel bad for eating them, but then I remember that it's just a cookie and I’m fine.

This type of cookie really baffles me, the cookies are so thin and the little creatures are printed on like some kind of ink. I can’t figure out how they mange to print on these thin cookies and not break them. I’d like to visit the factory one day and see the process in person. The "Milk Cream" in this batch is a bit more solid than I thought it would be based on the name and pictures on the package. I was expecting to bite into these cookies and get a gooey fun experience; instead it was a bit like soft chocolate, only not chocolate.

The quality of these treats could be a little better too. No, let me correct that, it could be a lot better, particularly with a better filling. Having said that the concept of these cookies is pretty solid. I mean who wouldn't want to eat cute little Koalas and who doesn't like Milk Cream? Well honestly, I don't even know what milk cream is, I'm assuming it's like a super milky caramel, or at least that's what I got from the taste. If you're ever looking for what I would define as the classic Asian packaged treat go for a box of these, they're cute, kind of cheap but not horrible, and you'll be left with more questions than answers by the time you finish the box.