This is one treat that has elements that all candy should have: chocolate, cookie, pictures of cute animals to eat and a free sticker with a rodent on it. It’s not often that you get such a collection of interesting features, even in the candy world. It’s almost like a miniature Christmas in a single box. Why would any candy fanatic want anything more?

These little animal cookies are so tasty. They’re kind of short bread like with a chocolate coating, but if you think that's all, then you're not looking hard enough. These Kittyland cookies have fun and slightly bizarre pictures on them as well. I just ate one with a picture of what looks like a pig putting salt on a pizza, how fun is that? If that doesn't sell you on this cookie treat, I don't know what does. Best of all this bizarre pig putting salt on a pizza cookie tastes pretty good. It’s a nice balance of short bread flavour and chocolate.

With prizes like a sticker with a rodent on it and great cookie treats, Kittyland is a wonderful snack for young and old alike.