Kit Kat "Triple Chocolate"


One of the biggest problems when you make when you "triple" anything is that you might get too much of a good thing. Sure, some people don't believe you can’t have too much of a good thing, but I challenge those people to eat a whole jar of Nutella, then come tell me that. While chocolate is probably one of the best flavours one can add to a chocolate bar, it’s also nice to have something that contrasts or works with the chocolate as well. That’s why the original Kit Kat bar is rated one of the best candies on this site, it has a perfect balance of both flavour and texture.

So, when I first saw this treat I was a little skeptical, could they keep this balance in flavour while making it more chocoalty. I have to say that this Kit Kat Triple Chocolate wasn't that bad, although I did miss the regular Kit Kat flavour. Since I love the regular Kit Kat so much the opposing flavours from the wafers and cream between the wafers is often something I look forward to when I eat this bar.

Having said all that, this Kit Kat variation is pretty good. It's got a really unique flavour, but the crunch is a little lacking and the variety in the flavour could use something, maybe a different or darker chocolate would work.