Kit Kat Chunky


Often when a company creates an alternate candy bar, it really doesn't match the original bars greatness. This is not the case with the Kit Kat Chunky. This candy bar rocks. It’s a true testament to the creativity that Nestle has when it comes to make variations of their popular brands. In my opinion, this is not only a great Kit Kat variety, it might be the best new chocolate bar out there right now.

The Kit Kat Chunky takes the great combination of the Kit Kat bar and redesigned it with a thicker chocolate coating and its patented great wafer center. It’s not often that you can change the size of a candy bar and make it work. The biggest problem with doing this is making sure the ratios of the bar still work. When you expand or decrease the size of a bar, for structural reasons you often have to increase or decrease the amount of some ingredients in relation to other ingredients. For example, this Kit Kat Chunky has more chocolate on the outside than a regular Kit Kat finger. This means you have to balance that thick chocolate coating with more wafer, or the bar become too sickly sweet, or the chocolate flavour overpowers it. You often can’t replicate the magic that came about with the original bar (and Kit Kat did not), but sometimes you can find a new combination that works just as well (that’s what Kit Kat did).

If you haven't had one it’s well worth trying. Sure, it’s not as easy to share as the traditional Kit Kat bar, but it makes up for it in a lot of ways. Best of all it allows you to pretend that you’ve been shrunk down and that Kit Kat bars are gigantic.