Kit Kat "Canadian"


There are really only two things that makes this candy bar less than perfect. The first problem with this bar comes from the originality. It’s not to say that this bar isn’t original, it’s just that this bar was not created in Canada, where this particular version of this bar was made. In other words, I think this bar is almost equal to its British counterpart in all but two ways, one of them is the fact that it wasn’t invented in the same country where it was made. This might sound like a nit-picky problem, and I can assure you that it is. In a perfect world however we’d all have Kit Kat bars from the UK in all our stores, and Nestle Canada would have spent the research and development money they used to make this bar and made something new and unique instead.

The second fault of this bar comes from the slight difference is the quality of the chocolate. This difference is ever so slight, but if you eat both the British and Canadian Kit Kat bar next to each other it’s kind of obvious. The British Kit Kat bar uses slightly better quality chocolate than the Canadian version. The difference is so slight that if I could take less than point five off the score for texture I would, but I can’t. You really have to have both versions of the Kit Kat bar next to each other to tell the difference, but it’s there.

I’m being very picky about this particular treat. I’m taking marks off only because we’re talking about perfection. While I think this bar is probably so very close to its perfect British cousin, it’s just not exactly there. I had to choose between giving this a perfect score because it’s almost perfect, or lowering the score because it wasn’t quite perfect.