Kit Kat "Banana"


Before I even attempt this review, I have to ask myself why. Why do I do this? I keep trying these new variations on bars, only to be disappointed. What makes this Kit Kat bar particularly bad is that I'm not a big fan of banana, either. I should make it a little bit clearer; I do like bananas; I just don’t really like fake banana flavouring. I'll warn you now (before I actually eat the bar), I might get off on another rant.

My mind can't handle this. I can't process this Kit Kat bar. I can’t mentally figure out how the chocolate and the banana flavour work together. Every time I take a bite, I taste only one of these ingredients, either banana or Kit Kat; it's really strange. The Kit Kat and the chocolate part are great as usual, but I can't say I enjoy the banana flavour at all. I don't really like most fake banana flavours so it shouldn't be a big surprise. It probably stems from my childhood - I remember eating that fake banana-flavoured gum and not liking it.

I'd still prefer a regular Kit Kat. In fact, eating this makes me want to get one right now. I'll ask you to refer to many of my past reviews for my opinion on chocolate bars that are just subtle changes on the original. All in all, I have to say I don't really like this bar. Go and get yourself a regular Kit Kat; it's much better and has yet to be improved upon.