Kit Kat "Thailand"


As milk chocolate Kit Kat bars go, this one is on the lower end of average. I’m guessing it might have something to do with the warm weather in Thailand and the fact that chocolate tends to melt in warmer climates. This Kit Kat bar seems a little waxier than a British or Canadian Kit Kat bar. I imagine they might have to change the recipe and make it more durable to keep them from melting outside. If that was the only problem with this bar, I’d call it average, but this Kit Kat is a little bit lower than average for a Kit Kat.

The thing that takes this bar further down in score is the cocoa, or he lack of cocoa to be precise. While the cocoa tastes fine, the flavour of this bar just isn’t that strong. This Kit Kat bar tastes like a slightly watered-down hot chocolate. Sometimes companies try to cover up their lack of cocoa with more milk, but in this case, it seems like they didn’t try anything to cover up the lack of cocoa. The lack of cocoa actually made this Kit Kat bar taste a little bland.

While I have my complaints when I compare this bar to other Kit Kat bars, compared with many other chocolate bars out there in the world it’s still pretty good. The wafer was perfectly fine and in general it was still a great treat to eat. Really this review is just a Candy Critic complaining about small details.