Kit Kat "100% Sustainably Sourced Cocoa"


I'm not sure if this "100% sustainably sourced cocoa" Kit Kat bar is a limited time gimmick, or a new way of doing things at Nestlé. Likely it's a little of both. I imagine that Nestlé is going to make Kit Kat bars with more environmentally friendly ingredients because that’s something that people look for in a candy bar today. That is unless it gets too expensive or a new trend comes along. I don't think this is going to go away anytime soon, although I imagine that the part of the label advertising the fact that this is sustainably sourced chocolate will shrink or even go away. What I'm saying is that Nestlé is trying something, they're trying to be good, but likely it's because people want Nestlé to be good. This is all a good thing; sustainably sourced chocolate is a positive thing and helps a lot of people out. I just know that as trends change, and people focus on new issues, sometimes if it's cheaper, companies will go back to their old ways. Nestlé, if you're reading this, prove me wrong.

As for the bar itself, it's fantastic. It's exactly the same as the regular Canadian Kit Kat bar. The chocolate is great, the wafers are perfect, and the ratio of ingredients is spot on. This is a great bar through and through and I don't recommend any bar in the world more than a Kit Kat. The sustainable chocolate did nothing to improve or reduce the quality of this bar. That's probably a good thing since I found this bar to be pretty good before they focused the sources for the chocolate.

If this is the new Canadian Kit Kat bar, then I'm happy. I'm happy because it's more ethical, but as a Candy Critic I'm happy that the change didn't ruin the bar. That might sound a little harsh, but I've been burned too many times with new and improved treats that turned out to be worse.