Kit Kat Chunky "Kinako"


For those of you out of the know, and that was me until 10 minutes ago, Kinako is a type of soy flour. Or at least that's what the Internet told me, so I assume that the wafers in this Kit Kat bar are made from soy flour instead of whatever type of flour they use in regular Kit Kat bars. That, or maybe it's referring to soy milk and the chocolate is soymilk-based milk chocolate instead. To be honest I'm not really sure, but no matter which portion of this is soy I assume that the goal of the bar is to taste just like a regular Kit Kat but have soy instead of whatever ingredients that they may have switched out.

The good news is not only does it taste like a regular Kit Kat but also it tastes like a European Kit Kat. This is really good news because in my mind a European Kit Kat bars are la crème de la crème of chocolate bars. The chocolate is smooth and the balance of wafer to chocolate is pretty much perfect. So, I guess what I'm saying is if you can get your hands on one of these, I highly recommend it.

I guess my only disappointment is that, as a variation from the original it really has nothing to offer at all. If you find yourself paying more for one of these, it's not really worth your time because it tastes just like a regular Kit Kat bar. The only reason I could suggest this bar is if the entire bar substitutes all of the milk ingredients with soy and it’s the vegan alternative, in which case it might be worth it for you if you’re a vegan.