Kit Kat Chunky "Cookie Dough"


Kit Kat bar varieties seem to really be hit or miss. When I say this, I mean they either miss completely, or hit it out of the ballpark. Some of my favourite bars ever are Kit Kat bars, in fact when people ask me what my favourite candy is, my answer is often Kit Kat. The problem happens when they try out some of their crazy ideas. This is not to say I don't like that they try out crazy ideas, I'm just saying that some of them don't work. This is a case where it just didn't work. The fact that it didn’t work was pretty surprising too, since the idea of adding Cookie Dough to anything should be pretty good.

I can't say that this bar is bad, because it tastes kind of like a Kit Kat bar. Even "kind of like a Kit Kat bar" is a pretty good candy bar. The problem with this bar is the fact that it doesn't taste like cookie dough at all. Instead it just tastes like a slightly off Kit Kat bar. This means it's not a horrible candy bar, but it's not a Cookie Dough Kit Kat either. Any low scores I give this bar, come from being disappointed with the lack of cookie dough flavour or texture, rather than it tasting horrible.

I can't tell you not to eat this bar, but I can tell you not to expect a bold cookie dough flavour. I would say if you thinking of eating this bar, just get a regular Kit Kat bar and a tube of cookie dough instead. You’ll likely improvise something much better.