Kiss Mint


OK, I'm really not too sure how to explain this at all. This candy is about as strange as the idea of eating a candy "for etiquette". While I can’t deny how strange it is, I guess I would have to expect something a little strange since it’s a Japanese candy. The thing that makes this strange for a Japanese candy is that it’s not overtly weird. On the outside it just looks like a pack of gum. Even when you open it, visually, it still seems fairly safe.

The first of the surprises came to me the second I opened the package and smelled apple. Since I'm not really the most observant person in the world (see the apple on the pack), I never even thought that these things would be anything except mint. This suddenly begs the question, does mint and apple work together? In my head I don't really think so, and once I tasted it this idea was confirmed. The good thing is the apple flavor dies down pretty fast, but that first taste is pretty nasty. I bit into it and that apple flavor was really strong. It starts with a crazy strong apple taste then all of a sudden, the mint hits you like a brick. The apple flavor dies off pretty quick leaving a small aftertaste and your left with a simple mint gum.

After the apple flavour dies the mint flavor lasts a while but I’m not really sure if I feel more polite.

Chew Time: 51:00