Jellies Khatti Meethi Imlee


I give these gummies all the respect in the world. I don't really like them that much, but I give them a great deal of respect. To set things straight, you should know that imlee is a kind of tamarind, a common sweet bean like fruit used in Indian and Pakistani cooking. It has a very unique flavour, sweet but still somewhat bean like. For the most part I'm OK with imlee or tamarind, but only in small doses. I can't say I've ever eaten an entire imlee bean, but I have tasted it and found the flavour to be pleasant enough. These gummies are therefore a pretty good representation of this fruit (I assume it's a fruit, although it's probably more of a legume).

To describe the flavour of this gummy best would be to say that it's a very sweet bean flavour, fairly close to tamarind. It has a slight sour flavour, which I don't really remember from the imlee pod itself, but I'll allow it for creative licence. The only thing I really didn't like about these gummies is the hot aftertaste. I don't remember tamarind having any kind of kick at all, so I'm not sure why one would make the gummy version hot.

Looks wise these are actually a pretty good representation of the imlee bean. The problem is that the imlee bean is a pretty ugly looking fruit (or legume). I'll give credit to the folks at Halal for sticking to their guns though. They could have tried to make these more visually appealing, but instead they went for truth, and that's daring when it comes to representing imlee in gummy form.

While I'm not a big fan of these, I think they're very much worth trying. The only change I would suggest is getting rid of the spicy aftertaste.