Idaho Spud


For this review let's play worked/didn't work.

The look - Worked - It does look like a potato. While this might seem a little strange, at least it isn’t a lie. Other than a sweet potato in Japanese culture, this particular look might not really appeal to some, but I applaud the fact that it isn’t just a gimmick to try and sell candy. I’m glad that they committed to the whole potato theme.

The inside - Didn't work - This bar had the most bizarre and somewhat disgusting inner filling I've ever eaten. The consistency was as if they mixed marshmallow, nougat and Jello all together. While I like Jello and nougat, I’m not a big marshmallow fan. I also don’t think that a combination of all three of these textures really leaves you with anything that great. Even worse is that this bar really lacked in any flavour at all. With these weird textures you have to have an accompanying flavour that doesn’t leave your mouth wondering what’s going on.

The coating - Didn't work - When you have a nougat, or something similar, it's important to balance the chocolate coating just right. Well in terms of just right, this bar would be just wrong. The outer layer was so thin it hardly added anything at all. I think that this treat might have worked out if the chocolate coating was a lot thicker. This would have given this bar a different texture, and might have spread some of the chocolate flavour into the flavourless filling.

All in all, I have to say that this bar looks like a potato. Taste and texture wise, I would rather have eaten a potato instead.