Icecream Cake "With Cookies & Cream"


Sometimes I buy a treat to see how it will fail. I bought this ice cream treat knowing that there were so many ways that it could fail, but I was to be proven so very wrong. It could be that the "cake" would just be a cookie instead of a two soft pieces of cake. It could have been that the cake wouldn't survive the shipping and this treat would have been a mess as soon as I opened it up. It could have been that the cake wasn't cake, but plain white bread instead. These are only a few of the things I figured might have gone wrong with this treat, but none of them did.

I'm not saying that this treat was perfect, but it is exactly what it says it's going to be. This Icecream Cake is two thin slices of cake with a square of cookies and cream ice cream in the middle. The cake is sweet enough, but not too sweet. The best feature of the cake however is the softness, it's pillow soft and that texture goes perfect with the ice cream. Best of all the condition of this bar was perfect, it wasn't smushed or broken at all.

If I had to find fault with this bar, I would say that the ice cream is not that impressive. It's not bad, but I've had better cookies and cream ice cream in my life. This is a pretty minor thing considering how great this treat actually managed to work. This ice cream cake bar is the next level in ice cream sandwiches. I'm not sure how they got it to work, but I'm hoping to see more of these in the future.