Hubba Bubba Duo "Banana Chocolate"


My arch enemy, banana flavoured bubble gum. Banana flavoured gum from the 1980s is the whole reason I don't like banana flavoured treats. So why am I reviewing this, why would I eat what could be the worst treat, the treat that wakes me up in the middle of the night in a sweat, why would I do it? Well that's simple, I forgive you banana-flavoured bubble gum. I'm a big enough man that I'm willing to try it again. I figure with a little chocolate it could be great, after all I love chocolate chips in my banana bread, so this could all be good.

This is not good, the flavour is still the same, for the love of god how can any company, any human being claim that this flavour is anything like a real banana. I love bananas, they're yellow and yummy, but this my friend is no banana. The chocolate does help a little tiny bit, but that flavour is short lived and instantly it's back to that fake horrible banana.

If I made this treat, the first thing I'd do is not use the horrible fake banana flavour. The second thing I'd do is add more chocolate and less banana. I think the problem stems from the fact that real banana is a subtle flavour; this "banana" flavour is not subtle at all. Everything is lost in this gum especially the chocolate flavour.

I'm sorry to say that once again I am not a fan of fake banana; I beg any candy company to change my mind.

Chew Time: I'm sorry I can't chew this long enough