Hershey Make Your Own Chocolate Bar


This treat is one of the most creative chocolate bars I’ve ever seen. They managed this by doing one thing, letting you be the creative one. Although it was a little messy, I had a great time trying out my own combinations of ingredients in my chocolate bar. Some might look at this as a copout though. They might look at this bar as saying, why don’t you make your own bar and leave us alone. I look at it a little differently. First of all, I love the idea of candy that has a few extra steps. I don’t like it all the time, but occasionally I like the idea of playing with my food, and even constructing it. Secondly, it teaches people a lesson. It teaches them about the difficulty of making a candy bar. It teaches people, myself included, the hard time candy companies have of figuring out the perfect ratio of ingredients when inventing a candy bar.

As far as the ingredients for this kit, the chocolate was good, not the highest quality, but it was fine. The fillings were good with one exception, the sprinkles. They seemed to lack any kind of flavor at all. Even though they looked good, they really didn't add anything to the flavor of my creations. Everything else was fine, and I managed to build a few creations that I totally enjoyed.

This treat is a great idea for kids and those of us that never seem to get what they want in a chocolate bar. It not only delivers a fun time, and a good snack, but it also teaches us a humble lesson about how hard it is to make the perfect chocolate bar.