Hershey's "With Skor"


This is a little strange if you think about it. This is a chocolate bar with bits of another chocolate bar inside it. It's like the chocolate bar universe has collided to make a super chocolate bar. I guess the safe thing is you know that the basic idea is going to work. We already know that both of these bars (the Skor bar and the Hershey bar) work as chocolate bars. I also know that I like the Skor bar and I know it works with chocolate because it’s coated with chocolate. This is a sort of super chocolate Skor bar more than anything else.

It's not bad either. The toffee from the Skor bar is generally a really powerful, and tasty, so to dilute it a little with chocolate is ok. Because the flavour of the toffee is so powerful the flavour is not lost at all. The chocolate itself isn't bad either, slightly above average for store bought chocolate bars.

If you're not a big fan of the Skor bar because you find that the flavour is too burnt or that it sticks to your teeth too much, this could be a good choice for you. The toffee is broken up into little bits, and the ratio of toffee to chocolate is also reduced. This reduces the strength of the Skor toffee flavour and replaced it with a nice smooth chocolate flavour. It's too bad it's limited edition because I think it could do well on a full time basis.