Hershey's "Strawberries 'n' Creme"


To start this review, I’m going to tell you what I expected this bar to be. I thought I was going to enjoy a bar that was a creamy white chocolate, heavy on the vanilla flavour to make it a little extra creamy. Then I figured there would be a strawberry flavour added, with bits of either dried strawberries or strawberry flavoured candies mixed throughout. I expected at least one of the pieces that broke off to be in the shape of an ice cream cone.

The interesting thing is that this is pretty close to what I got, except for one important detail. What I got was a white chocolate candy bar (I think the amount of actual cocoa butter might be pretty low), that certainly has a strawberry flavour, and there are what appear to be strawberry candy bits. I checked the ingredients and I see no sign of real dried strawberries but I didn’t see any listed. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it appears that real strawberry juice has been added though. There is certainly some vanilla creamy flavour that’s been added, so in some ways this bar hit every mark, but then there’s one thing that totally turned me off. It’s mentioned on the back of the bar, but I either missed it when reading the package or didn’t believe they actually did it, but it centres all around the word “cool”.

For some reason Hershey’s has decided to add some kind of menthol like ingredient into the bar. This is a trend I’m seeing with other candies, and like this bar it mostly fails to work. Don’t get me wrong, this bar was cool when I bit into it, but this coolness pretty much ruined the strawberry and creamy white chocolate flavour. Menthol coolness really seems to work in some areas of the candy world but not others. Hard candies and gum work great with a cool menthol kick, white chocolate and fruit candy bars and potato chips (menthol chips exist) don’t. I do believe it’s possible to have a cool candy bar, but I feel like it needs a mint flavour to back it up. Trying to make a bar taste fruit/creamy/cool at the same time is just weird.

The fact that this bar didn’t really work is interesting. I can see where they thought it might. Ice cream pretty much has these three features fruity, creamy and cool and it works fine. I think what we can take away from this is the fact that menthol cool is very different than ice cream cool.