Hershey's "Birthday Cake"


I have two thoughts about this bar, and none of them are that great. This bar comes from a series of candy bars that Hershey’s put out that features ice cream themed flavours. As an added gimmick to these bars they feature something that I don’t really like, and that’s a menthol cool flavour. You’d think that would be a complete surprise, but it does say “cool” on the back. This isn’t the first of these bars that I’ve tasted and I really didn’t like the other one. The reason I didn’t like the other one was largely in part to the fact that it had a weird menthol flavour.

Knowing what I’ve just told you, one thing that I liked about this bar is the fact that it wasn’t as “cool” as the other bar I tried. I also really enjoyed the sprinkles in this bar. Often when candy companies produce birthday cake flavoured treats they don’t really represent the sprinkles very well. They either make the treat simply have coloured specs without the crunch, or they won’t have enough sprinkles. This bar had adequate sprinkles and it gave this bar a very pleasant crunch. It also looked pretty fun, lots of colourful specks throughout the entire bar.

The down side of this bar is in the flavour. While the menthol was a little more subdued than the other bar, it was still there and even reduced I didn’t really like it. The bigger problem however was the birthday cake flavour itself, or the complete lack of birthday cake flavour. In fact this was one of the most flavourless bars I’ve ever eaten. I don’t normally use the word “bland” on this site, but this bar was extremely bland. For a bar that looks like so much fun, it just lacked any fun flavour at all. It was overly sweet with a very slight menthol aftertaste.